Suggestion Candidates

A place for initial ideas and wishes. They may be possible already, and I don't know it. Once more familiar with the wiki, pass them on to Ward.


Allow this wiki connect to External Site and host the page as one of the three panels? e.g. Or a page on another federated wiki. e.g. one of Ward's pages. Allows comparison, and reference.

Provide a widget to allow external comments to a page, moderated by page owner. Useful to point out corrections, related ideas and references, and general comments. Use case: User sees a mistake on page, and wants to notify author.

Provide way to copy and paste a page element such as a link or paragraph or image.

Provide a way to format the whole page in one block. (At least all the content.)

Show what a page element is in the SFW sense, so that other authors can learn how to do things by example. Use case: adding data source and graph. When I look at the data and graph for the following page, it's not clear how to do a similar thing. Double clicking on the data page, shows either the .json contents, or just the .csv file name. It would be helpful to hint at what type of page element holds that info. (Paragraph? Plugin? Method?) Same with the radar chart. Double clicking on that does not provide an obvious hint of what type of wiki element it is. The early HTML web provided many copy-paste examples that helped people learn how to publish data. The FSW would benefit from self-documenting examples, where possible. (


Allow external links with no description. Default to URL. e.g.


would default to
My first couple of guesses at creating an external link failed, w/o a description. I had to find an example. Doesn't seem bad to allow no description. Submitted as issue #314, 11/12/12

Have links for internal references and external references use the same bracket syntax, if possible. Could guess based on http, etc. versus just words. Submitted as issue #315, 11/12/12

For new pages, force "Create page" if someone starts adding content to new page. As a naive new user, I was able to start adding content to a new page, before I hit "Create page" button. Then I was in dilemma about creating the page and it wiping out my changes. Submitted as issue #316, 11/12/12

Provide way to Hide/Show page history. e.g. toggle button. Submitted as issue #317, 11/12/12

Provide Public and private history control. Author may not want to show all evolution of thought, for artistic or legal reasons. Submitted as issue #318, 11/12/12

Provide printing capability. Can be simple. One panel per page. Chrome currently does not appear to be able to print these pages. Submitted as issue #318, 11/12/12

Add a Hints or Help feature, to help users in context. Could be a small "?" on a page. Or "Help" or "Hints" button on SFW status bar. (Like "Logout" and Search. It could have three levels of info. Current context. Bigger state, and overall SFW info. Example user story: The user has unsubmitted changes. (yellow borders) because they weren't logged in when they made changes. If they clicked on the Hints or "?", they could be informed of their unsubmitted state, and give guidance on how to correct it. Submitted to Github as issue: #313 11/9/12

Add status on the SFW status bar, when helpful. Example user story: The user has unsubmitted changes. (yellow borders) because they weren't logged in when they made changes. Give them some keyword or hint to seek help. Submitted to Github as issue: #312 11/9/12